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Your Car Buying Guide

Basic Car Buying
Finding A Used Car
Car Buying And The Internet
What To Know Before You Start Car Shopping
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Car Buyers Beware
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Finding A Used Car

There are several places to locate and buy a used car:

A used car dealership
A superstore dealership
A new car dealership that also sells used cars
Used car websites
Online and print classifieds

It is important to note, however, that classified listings are used by both dealers and individual sellers to find and sell used cars. A number of dealers even post their used cars on used car websites. Face-to-face transactions, in addition to online and print classifieds, can be good options if you want to avoid working with a dealership. Either way, no matter what option you choose to go with, there are four tasks that will increase your odds of making a successful used car purchase:

1. Have a quality mechanic put the car on a lift for a full inspection.
2. Run a Vehicle History Report to get all the history facts of the car.
3. Never sign an “As Is” statement.
4. Have your own financing and loan approvals ready before you go to buy the car.

By following these simple instructions, your used car buying experience should go smoothly. After all, buying a used car from a dealership is similar to buying a new car from a dealership. Just like with a new car, you want to be armed with all the relevant information before you make a purchase decision.

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